Autofaucet Dutchycorp Review – How to Earn Free XLM In 2022?

Autofaucet dutchycorp is a famous website among many free XLM faucet stations nowadays. Unlike most XLM faucet websites that click manually, autofaucet dutchycorp can help you automatically get free XLM. Autofaucet dutchycorp is superior to other types of faucet websites in terms of speed, the number of coins it can earn and its sure high return. In addition to XLM, you can also get many other types of cryptocurrency for free.

What is the AutoFaucet DutchyCorp?

Autofaucet is a Enhanced Cryptocurrency Faucet available in mobile & desktop that allows users to earn Crypto by playing games, completing surveys, offers & shortlinks tasks.

Final Autofaucet works like many autofaucets, it allow you to get automatically paid, the difference between this autoclaims & others is that permits you to claim up to 43 cryptocurrencies automatically in the same page & permits you to choose where you want receive your coins.

DutchyCorp has a pretty unique structure that requires the use to build up a stash of Dutchy Coins or Tokens, then use the “AutoFaucet” to convert those coins to a crypto of your choice. Hence the name Below we will discuss the pro’s and con’s of the two ways to convert coins into actual cryptocurrency that you can then withdraw to your wallet. Final Autoclaim however is a much more polished site and service.

Is AutoFaucet DutchyCorp Legit? Is a very popular and legitimate crypto faucet. The site has been around since 2018, however it appears to have gone through some recent updates and appears much more modernized. DutchyCorp is one of the most polished and legit crypto faucets we have seen in awhile. In fact they even have their own Crypto Token called Space Token (SPACE) that is available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon (MATIC), and Fantom (FTM)! In this review we will discuss all the different features available on DutchyCorp and how to use them. The creators of this site appear to be quite active developing the site, so please forgive us if things change slightly from what we cover today.

How Does AutoFaucet DutchyCorp Work?

  • AutoFaucet

Using the AutoFaucet feature is the most advantageous and profitable way to convert DutchyCorp Coins/Tokens to one or multiple cryptocurrencies of your choosing.

First step to using the auto faucet, you need to choose one of the following “Payment Modes”: FaucetPay mode, ExpressCrypto mode, or Balance mode. Selecting FaucetPay or ExpressCrypto will pay each individual claim directly to your connected MicroWallet service. Selecting Balance Mode will credit your account with the cryptocurrencies you select. If you select Balance mode, you will receive an additional 10% bonus on your claims, so if you don’t need the funds immediately it is a no brainer to collect in your on site balance and withdraw at a later date. Here is a screenshot and what DutchyCorp provides as instructions. Please note, it is likely that ExpressCrypto is no longer a viable service, and in fact may have exit scammed users. Be careful, visit our Scams & Other Sites page to learn about other faucets and services to avoid.

Next you will want to select your “Reward Multiplier” This is essentially how many DutchyCorp coins/token you want to use on each claim. If you have earned a lot of Dutchy Tokens, selecting a higher multiplier will help you convert those to cryptocurrency at a faster rate. Initial users will only be able to use up to a 5x multiplier, but eventually can unlock faster rates.

After you choose how many Dutchy Tokens to use per claim, you next will decide how often you wish to refresh the page/claim. The options range from every 1 minute, up to 10 minutes. Based on the cost, claiming each minute is the most expensive and claiming every 10 theoretically the best. Choose if you wish to claim the same coins each time or a newer option is to receive a random selection. Most of us have particular cryptocurrencies we wish to collect, so receiving random coins may not be the best option for users.

In this section you now get to choose what coins you wish to claim. Note that you can claim as many coins as you wish based on what level you have reached. Example, in this screenshot we can claim 12 different coins at once based our level. Leveling up is important as there are so many cryptocurrencies offered by DutchyCorp!

Complete a captcha, Start Autofaucet, and leave your browser open. You can switch to other tabs, so long as your browser remains active. I would check occasionally, but depending on the Dutchy Token balance you have accumulated, you can leave this running for awhile.

  • AutoFaucet DutchyCorp Swap

If you are impatient, don’t worry we understand, there is a quick way to convert your Dutchy Tokens to the cryptocurrency of your choice. Remember however, that by using the Autofaucet you can get an additional 10% bonus. If you choose to use Swap, not only do you miss out on the 10% bonus, you are also charged a 5% fee. So all told, you are penalized about 13.6% by using the Swap feature. Convenience has a price after all.

There are two ways to access the Swap or exchange feature on, Visit the Dashboard and look at your Dutchy balance. Clicking the arrows will bring you to the exchange.

Or on your menu bar, there is a Swap button. If you are using a mobile device, there should be a menu button in the upper left corner of your screen where you will see all these features as well.

How to Earn Dutchy Coins and Tokens?

Now that we have covered what an Autofaucet is, we can finally discuss how you earn them! Of all the Bitcoin and Crypto faucets out there, I believe has something to offer all types of faucet user, which is increasingly rare.

  • OfferWalls

OfferWalls are a very common feature on Bitcoin Faucets. The offer users (and the site operator) the opportunity for the highest earnings. These offers vary quite a bit, from simple Paid to Click advertisements to Surveys and even App Downloads. Be careful anytime you are downloading apps, but OfferWalls provide some of the largest payouts. These often take the longest amount of time to complete, including a typical waiting/confirmation period, but the payouts are pretty good. If you care to learn more about OfferWalls and how Faucet’s operate as a business, read our previously published article here.

  • Shortlinks Wall

As we discussed in our previous article about the business of Bitcoin Faucets, Shortlinks are a very popular earning option. A typical Shortlink involves a series of challenges like captchas and a ton of advertisements. Of all crypto faucets we have used/reviewed, no site had as many Shortlinks to complete.

There is a Daily Achievements where you can earn various boosts. Autofaucet really does a good job explaining the process of completing Shortlinks.

  • Coin Roll and DUTCHY Roll

I have combined these two earning options together because they both operate exactly the same way. The only difference is that Coin Roll pays out in a crypto chosen via a community poll/vote and rotates each month, whereas DUTCHY Roll pays out in DUTCHY to be used for the Autofaucet. Coin Roll and Dutchy Roll are the most similar to a standard crypto faucet, in that they involve a captcha and a range of possible payouts based on what value you roll. One unique feature is that the user has the option to do a standard roll and earn based on what they roll, or they can do a Boosted Roll which will provide them a 50% bonus on their payout. To earn this 50% boost, you need to watch a short video ad which is anywhere from five to thirty seconds long. We believe its worth it to go with the Boosted Roll each time.

  • Paid To Click (PTC) and SurfAds

Grouping these two earning options together as well. Essentially these two actions are basically the same. You get paid to view advertisements. These are often times promotions for other faucets or crypto related sites generated by users of Autofaucet.DutchyCorp. Read our previous article for more information on how Paid to Click (PTC) and Get Paid To (GPT) works, here. The difference between PTC and SurfAds is that the former requires you to open the ad and often opens in a new tab when finished, and the latter is more automated without taking you to the final page destination.

Autofaucet DutchyCorp has one of the most extensive Paid to Click (PTC) sections of all the faucets we use. On a given day there are often 30+ advertisements you can watch and earn. Its a really great way to grow your DUTCHY balance quickly. 

  • Membership

A more recently introduced feature allows users to join the site by paying a monthly fee in return for better rewards. This is a completely optional feature, and for most users its probably best to remain a “Free” member vs a “Paid” member. So always do your due diligence to determine if it is worth it.

  • Interest

A very unique feature on Final Auto Claim is the ability to stake the DUTCHY coins/tokens that you earn on the site to earn interest/yield. There are three earning options, each with varying interest rates based upon the amount of DUTCHY locked up.

Stake DUTCHY Tokens, Earn DUTCHY Tokens

Stake DUTCHY Tokens, Earn Cardano (ADA) or Cosmos (ATOM) or BitTorrent (BTT)

Stake DUTCHY Tokens or Space Tokens (SPACE), Earn Space Tokens (SPACE)

  • Space Token (SPACE)

Space Token is a utility token that is used across all the Dutchy Corp associate projects, such as this faucet and the Shortlink service. Here is the original Medium post announcement. We think it really cool idea, very similar to that of PipeFlare and 1FLR Tokens. With all Cryptocurrencies and investments, please do your own due diligence when considering owning tokens such as these. Its available on three major networks, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon (MATIC), and Fantom (FTM). The distribution of the Token was executed as seen below. Visit to learn more.

  • Social Jobs

These are tasks that you can earn crypto by completing, that usually involve leaving a review or voting for Space Token (SPACE) on various sites. There exists both One-Time only jobs and Daily jobs. Each task earns you either Space Tokens or DUTCHY.

  • Miners

Last option for earning on AutoFaucet.DutchyCorp.Space is to use your computing power to mine while on the site. You commit your hashes, that DutchyCorp is using to mine cryptocurrency and you earn DUTCHY at a rate of 648 DUTCHY per million hashes. There is a CPU miner that is just via your web browser while on the site or a GUI miner that will require you to download software and enable you to utilize GPUs. We advise all users to be extremely careful when downloading unknown programs, additionally mining is not the best use of electricity/energy and not great for you hardware either. Exercise extreme caution.

  • Contests

Contests allow power users of the site to earn significant amounts of crypto. However, it usually is for hardcore users and the average Joe usually has a hard time competing unless they are really grinding.

  • XP Contests

Both a daily and a weekly contest exists, these pay the 100 users who earn the most experience points in the time period by completing tasks. The winners get both a DUTCHY and Space Token reward.

  • Bonuses

Bonuses are a way to increase your earnings each time you complete one of the tasks outlined in previous sections. Bonuses vary slightly from Boosts discussed in the section about Shortlinks. Boosts are temporary based on completing/reaching certain daily achievements and expire after a certain duration like 30 minutes or an hour, very similar to FaucetCrypto’s Items. Bonuses on the other hand are longer duration and can be built upon to increase your earnings down the road. There are three different types of Bonuses available to users of Final AutoClaim.

  • Level Bonus

This works exactly how you might imagine. As you complete tasks on the site, you also earn experience points (XP). As you gain more XP you increase your level/rank on the site. The higher your level, the higher percentage bonus you have added to your claims/activities. Each level achieved rewards the user with an additional 0.1% bonus, from level 1 at 0.1% all the way to level 600 at 60%. Additionally, each 5 levels a user progresses they are rewarded with an increasing amount of DUTCHY Tokens.

  • Loyalty Bonus

This is a feature used on many sites to increase the amount of daily active users. The site provides additional bonuses/rewards for users that come and complete tasks daily. For each consecutive day a user completes at least one DUTCHY Roll or Coin Roll, their loyalty bonus will increase 0.5% all the way to 100% if you reach 200 consecutive days. So you can double your rewards by being a daily active user. If you do not complete at least one DUTCHY or Coin Roll then your loyalty bonus resets to 0% and you have to rebuild it.

  • Space Token Bonus

Holding Space Tokens on chain within your MetaMask wallet entitles you to additional bonuses depending on the amount and what you are doing with them. If you are holding SPACE, then you receive an additional bonus percentage on your Autoclaim rewards and your Staking if you are participating in that function of the site.

The other bonus option is if you are holding SPACE LP Tokens, ie you are providing liquidity in the following DEX pools, then you can earn additional bonuses for your Roll, Shortlink and Offerwall activities.

  • Weekly Shortlink Contest

This is a contest in which users compete by trying to complete the most shortlinks with the time period. Winnings are paid out via DUTCHY tokens to be used on the Autofaucet.

Referral Contest

By inviting new users, you can compete in the Monthly referral contest. Winners are decided based upon the earnings of all users you refer to the site. So it is not based upon how many users you refer, but based upon how active your users are in completing tasks and earning DUTCHY. All rewards are paid out in DUTCHY Tokens.

  • Gifts

Follow DutchyCorp on various social media accounts, occasionally they will provide Promo Codes for which you can redeem for DUTCHY Tokens and rewards.

How to Withdraw Your Stellar From AutoFaucet DutchyCorp?

Now that you are all set up on Final AutoClaim, you’ve completed tasks, you’ve used the Autofaucet, you now have crytpocurrency you wish to withdraw to your wall. You will want to add your various crypto wallet addresses and connect services such as Coinbase or FaucetPay. If you are on a laptop/desktop computer, click on your username in the upper right hand corner. If on a mobile device you will click the menu button in the upper left. There you will see the address section where you will want to populate any information you will need to withdraw your cryptocurrency.

By adding your wallet and/or connecting Coinbase and FaucetPay, you can now visit the Wallet/Balance page found on the menu bar. On this page you will be able to see the balance you have accumulated of each cryptocurrency, withdrawal history, withdrawal status, and deposit history. For each coin you will be able to see what withdrawal options exist, direct to wallet, Coinbase or FaucetPay. Note, the withdrawal amount can vary by coin and method.

Autofaucet.Dutchycorp.Space is a great source for the following coins. Please note that the site operators are updating, adding and removing coins frequently based upon user demand and requests. So this section may be incomplete or inaccurate as time goes by

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