How to Make Money With Cryptocurrency in 2023: Top 7 Proven Methods

You can learn more about cryptocurrencies in this blog, along with the simplest methods for making money with them that carry less risk than more complicated ones.

What is Crypto and How Does It Work?

You can trade online using a cryptocurrency, which is a decentralized payment method. The market, however, is overrun with the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, ranging from the well-known Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to the Dogecoin meme currency.

Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a blockchain, which prevents the same coin from being used more than once. Thousands of machines work together to process transactions on a blockchain network, and their owners can receive cryptocurrencies in exchange for their labor.

As computers decipher intricate mathematical puzzles to determine the legitimacy of a transaction on the blockchain, new coins are “mined” (i.e., created or minted).

Although a lot of people use cryptocurrencies to make purchases, they are primarily used as an investment vehicle. For example, sites that track the value of one Bitcoin are driven by cryptocurrencies.

Users can convert dollars into cryptocurrencies and rely on an increase in the value of their investment, just like stocks, using exchange or bitcoin wallet apps like Crypto com, Coinbase, Coinmarketcap, and BlockFi.

Depending on your income for that tax year, you may pay a different amount of capital gains tax on Bitcoin Cash or other cryptocurrency income. You won’t be required to pay taxes on your cryptocurrency income if your annual income is under $40,000. According to regulations, income up to $441,150 is taxed at 15%, and income above that is taxed at 20%.

Because buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies online is so simple, people adore making investments in them.

Cryptocurrencies can increase in value when major companies declare they will accept them as a payment method, when mining procedures change, or when well-known people like Elon Musk promote specific cryptocurrency assets. Additionally, when supply is constrained and demand is high, it can appreciate in value. For instance, mining stops once there are 21 million bitcoins in circulation.

Cryptocurrencies may lose value if businesses stop accepting them as payment or if many people try to sell them at once.

Here Are Some Outlines to Better Understand Dollars and Crypto Market

  • Similar to carrying cash in a physical wallet, storing cryptocurrencies in software wallets. Ready and willing to be put to use.
  • Comparable to depositing cash in a savings account, putting cryptocurrency in a savings protocol. Similar to how banks pay interest on some savings accounts, the Savings Protocol pays you interest for using the service.
  • The comparison between storing cryptocurrency and taking out loans from yourself is made to a retirement account.
  • Similar to trading shares on a stock exchange, trading tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange is similar. Blockchains are modeled after tokens, and companies are modeled after stock-like protocols.

Get a Crypto Wallet for Buying, Trading, and Storing

You will need a wallet—either a bitcoin wallet—to store your cryptocurrency. You have the option of using a hardware wallet, such as a flash drive, or a software wallet, such as an app.

  • Most software wallets, also known as Hot Wallets, are easy to recover if you lose your phone
  • Most hardware wallets, also known as Cold Wallet, ain’t easy to recover if you lose them

It is quicker and simpler to exchange or use cryptocurrency because software wallets are online. but susceptible to cyberattacks that might result in money being stolen. Despite the fact that hardware wallets are offline and impenetrable to hacking, they still carry the same inherent risk of being lost or stolen as any other physical wallet.

By setting up an exchange app like Coinbase, Coinmarketcap, etc., you can avoid these steps. Below are the steps that you need to follow to set up your account-

  • Download a wallet app
  • Create your account
  • Get swift verification
  • Transfer or deposit funds from the bank account to the crypto wallet

The quickest way to begin purchasing and trading cryptocurrencies is in this manner. Your assets are kept in a wallet that is managed by an exchange, which increases the risk. Imagine you are an online criminal attempting to steal millions of dollars. To access thousands of wallets, it makes sense to invest time in hacking important exchanges. It would likely be ineffective to attempt to hack a software wallet.

Tips from Experts: Can You Make Money With Crypto Safely?

Always risky are investments. One of the riskier investment options available today, according to experts, is learning how to make money with cryptocurrencies. The hottest asset, though, is digital money.

The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies worldwide is $2.66T at the moment, and it is predicted to rise remarkably. The following advice will aid in your decision-making if you decide to invest in digital currencies.

Research Exchanges

Prior to making a single investment, educate yourself on cryptocurrency exchanges. These platforms offer a means for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. There are more than 500 exchanges to choose from, claims

Before moving forward, do your homework, read reviews, and consult a seasoned investor. Numerous Telegram communities are there offering advice and sharing their own experiences. The first of these is Crypto Gaming Bulls.

Know-How to Store Your Virtual Currency

You must store cryptocurrency coins after buying them. You can choose a cryptocurrency wallet to stock up on an exchange or in a digital “wallet” (one of the cryptocurrency wallets described in the blog). Virtual currency and wallets come in a variety of forms, and each has its own benefits and technical and security requirements. Before making an investment in trading, you should consider your hosting options.

Diversify Your Investments

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, diversification is the cornerstone of any sound investment strategy. For instance, just because you are familiar with the name does not mean you should put all of your money into the Bitcoin network. There are countless possibilities, so it is best to spread your investment across several digital currencies.

Prepare for Volatility

You should be ready for some ups and downs because the crypto market is always erratic. The cost will change drastically. Cryptocurrencies might not be your best option if your financial situation or mental health are out of your control.

The topic of how to make money with cryptocurrencies is popular right now, but keep in mind that it is still in its early stages. Be ready because investing in something new can be challenging. If you’re thinking about joining, start by conducting research and developing a conservative investment strategy.

7 Strategies to Make Money With Cryptocurrencies


Start crypto lending to generate additional revenue from your cryptocurrency investments. Borrowers and lenders must cooperate and reach agreements in order for cryptocurrency lending to take place. Crypto lending is supported by a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Nexo, SALT Lending, BlockFi, Oasis, and Celsius.

In particular, cryptocurrency loans refer to agreements in which borrowers pledge their cryptocurrency holdings as collateral, lenders accept terms and offer cash or other cryptocurrencies, and borrowers agree to pay interest to lenders.

In a cryptocurrency loan contract, the borrower and borrower are typically individuals rather than institutions like banks. In the end, cryptocurrency is at the core of loans that are used as security or as the main source of borrowed value.

Lenders can therefore borrow cryptocurrency assets or holdings and profit from interest payments in the form of new cryptocurrency assets. Of course, there are risks involved, and it can take some time to locate platforms that link potential borrowers and lenders. But once more, if you’re looking for a way to put your cryptocurrency to use and make some extra cash, lending it is a viable option.

Traditional Buy and Hold

People who are willing to take risks should consider the cryptocurrency money-making method. It means getting crypto assets of your choice from a crypto exchange and purchasing more when prices drop – traditionally called “Buying the dip”.

The asset may be sold for a significant profit over the asset’s original purchase price after a few months or years.

When we look at the chart, we can see that well-known crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have maintained an upward trend throughout the year despite daily rises and falls. The hype surrounding new coins like Chia increases the likelihood that they will launch at a higher price. Later, it loses value and takes a while to regain it. When there aren’t enough customers or the function isn’t useful enough, they might sometimes disappear from the market.

The whitepaper for that coin must be read before choosing which cryptocurrency to use as a long-term investment. It will give you a good idea of its beginnings and function, as well as enough information to make it enduring.


Investing is a long-term endeavor based on a buy-and-hold strategy, whereas trading takes advantage of short-term opportunities.

Unpredictability rules the cryptocurrency market. Asset prices may dramatically increase or decrease over a brief period, to put it simply.

To be a successful trader, you need the right technical and analytical skills. You must evaluate the performance of the listed assets’ market chart. As a result, you can predict the price change with accuracy.

Depending on whether you believe an asset’s price will rise or fall, you can buy or sell when trading cryptocurrencies. This indicates that you can benefit whether the price increases or decreases.

Ways to Enhance Your Trading Strategy

There are numerous ways to reduce the risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies. The best ways to improve your trading strategy are listed below.

  • Diversify Your Trade – Combining different currencies will reduce the daily risk connected with a particular coin.
  • Minimize Trading Cost – To lower the cost of trading, pick a reputable exchange with affordable fees.
  • Watch Trading Time – Schedule the trading time to fit your schedule.
  • Follow Cryptocurrency News – To stay ahead of the market, stay up to date on cryptocurrency news and stories.
  • Use Technical Analysis – Test your technical indicator skills. This will enable you to defend each trade you make.
  • Use Stop Losses – Every trade should have stop-loss orders. Set your initial profit-to-loss ratio at 2:1.


Some blockchains have created a seemingly superior validation algorithm called Proof of Stake (PoS) because the energy needed to run a PoW blockchain is so high. The PoS algorithm forces users to block (stake) their tokens in order to verify cryptocurrency, saving resources and hardware from being used to solve difficult cryptographic puzzles.

Staking is the process of physically preventing access to digital assets that serve as validators in a decentralized cryptographic network in order to maintain network continuity, security, and integrity. Stakeholders safeguard their resources so that they can act as validator blocks and nodes. As a reward for helping to secure the network, stakeholders are paid in the newly created cryptocurrency.

Pros: A cheaper approach to obtain money from cryptocurrencies

Cons: The biggest risk is changing prices.


Airdrops present the highest risk of all the ways to obtain the best cryptocurrency apps for free. For most investors, it’s more than you consider worthwhile. When they want to support new cryptocurrencies, developers conduct airdrops. In a nutshell, they offer the free coin in an effort to encourage adoption.

The status of the airdrop project can be checked online. On the business website, social media, and other cryptocurrency news platforms, users frequently promote them.

Any new cryptocurrency project must be approached carefully. Hackers frequently use the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and fake airdrop schemes. In actuality, many air bubble coins are not very valuable investment holdings. For beginners in particular, experts advise staying with the more well-known cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. Change to airdrops if you abide by these suggestions.

Taxable income also applies to all cryptocurrencies acquired through airdrops. In most cases, when receiving airdrops from digital wallets, you must report based on the distributed ledger’s fair market value as of the date of registration, according to the IRS.


Mining is one of the first ways to make money with cryptocurrencies and a crucial component of the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. This is how a PoW network is secured and transactions are validated. Miners receive fresh coins in the form of block rewards in exchange for carrying out these tasks. Mining was once possible on a desktop computer, but today, specialized mining hardware is needed.

Starting a master node is also profitable from the perspective of network upkeep. A wallet that keeps a copy of the entire network is known as a master node.

These two techniques call for a sizable initial and ongoing investment supported by technical know-how.

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Earning dividends is an additional way to generate income with your crypto assets. At the very least, you’re probably familiar with dividends if you’ve ever invested in stocks or bonds. Dividends, to put it simply, are little cash payments made to shareholders. If a business experiences a profitable quarter (or year, depending on whether it is a sole proprietorship), it divides those profits and distributes the remaining portion to the shareholders, who own the business.

Even though you might not receive a tidal wave of dividends without a sizable balance, it can still be a way for you to profit from the cryptocurrency you already own. You must, however, conduct some investigation to determine which cryptocurrencies pay dividends and whether those dividends are worthwhile.

VeChain, NEO, Reddcoin, NAVCoin, Decred, and their annual dividends generally are some cryptocurrencies that pay dividends in more coins (or tokens). Therefore, how to make money with cryptocurrency dividends are different from stock dividends in that they are paid in additional tokens rather than cash.

FAQs Regarding Crypto Investments

What is a Long-Term Investment in Cryptocurrency?

In the case of long-term investing, the investment is typically held for several years. Long-term investors are frequently also passive ones. In other words, you don’t buy or sell a lot quickly.

Long-term investors have two options: they can buy rising-value stocks, or they can buy funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). However, long-term investing generally takes a set-and-forget strategy.

Strategies for Long Term Investment:

The general theme is “Buy and Hold,” though there are a few different tactics.’ Here are some long-term investing tactics that take this into consideration.

  • Value Investing – a tactic where a buyer attempts to purchase a cryptocurrency at a price below its intrinsic value.
  • Growth Investing – putting money into businesses you think will have a bigger market cap than the overall one.
  • Dividend Investing – investing in companies that offer dividends.

What is a Short-Term Investment in Cryptocurrency?

An investment that is held for less than a year is considered short-term. Active traders and active investors are common terms used to describe short-term investors. In comparison to long-term investors, you buy and sell much more frequently.

This may occur several times per year, several times per month, or even several times per day. Short-term investors typically aim to turn a profit as soon as possible and don’t intend to hold onto an investment, preferring instead to speculate on the market.

They will also have other long-term investment portfolios in addition to their short-term ones. You are probably using it for retirement or for other businesses that want to buy stocks and hold them for a long time.

Strategies for Short Term Investment:

The goal of short-term investors is to quickly buy and sell their holdings in order to profit. So, here are a few common strategies for short term investing:

  • Scalping – buying and selling at regular intervals throughout the trading day.
  • Day Trading – Making small investments in order to build a sizable profit.
  • Swing Trading – investments for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months.

How to Pick Cryptocurrency for Long-Term and Short-Term Investment?

  • Basic analysis is necessary first. How should a fundamental analysis be performed is the question. Understanding our cryptocurrency investment level is also important. The best cryptocurrencies to consider for long- and short-term investments currently available.
  • Every quarter, an analysis of fundamental growth. Test support and resistance levels should be understood for daily or short-term trading.

Conclusion: Can You Really Make Money With Cryptocurrency?

You must now have some idea of how to profit from the newest cryptocurrency after reading this article. You must conduct research before investing in cryptocurrency if you want to do it safely and profitably. The best place to find the most recent information about the cryptocurrency market is Twitter. For instance, CryptoMinati Capital recently tweeted about their thoughts on the investment in TheSandBox.

Prior to investing, it is essential to understand cryptocurrencies. The ups and downs of the market should be carefully studied. Have your wallet ready before the trip begins is one thing you must make sure of.

Before investing, make sure you have a plan in place. Purchasing cryptocurrencies is a crucial task that calls for extensive research and information.

Consider the cryptocurrency’s future in the market before purchasing it. The study includes both the long-term and short-term. The best way to understand cryptocurrency is to do extensive research and track the past and current performance of the cryptocurrency you intend to trade.

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