Top 9 Most Legit Stellar (XLM) Faucets without Investment 2022

In the legit stellar (XLM) faucets, you can claim free stellar (XLM) from it every once in a while. In this list of legit stellar (XLM) faucets, we collected all 9 free stellar (XLM) faucets. So you can register at any of these sites today and start making money at Stellars.


Xfaucets provides an automatic faucet that supports a variety of virtual currencies, including stellar. In other words, if you start xfaucets, it will automatically declare your free stellar every few minutes. In addition to the faucet, you can also get stellar through offerwall.


Claimfreexlm provides XLM with instant payment to earn some good Ethereum. You can get a free 0.005xlm from the claimfreexlm faucet every 10 minutes. To be exact, you can apply multiple times a day. You can select iCoinPay user ID and click claim, and you will be rewarded immediately.


A very good way to earn stellar in coinmonster is to simply use their PTC advertising. Their income is very high. Coinmonster is a high salary, instant payment stellar faucet. You can use it to earn free stellar and other cryptocurrency.

Earn Crypto

Earn crypto is not just a stellar faucet, it is a platform where you can earn many different cryptocurrencies. You can also play different games, dice, lottery tickets, complete surveys or use their high-income PTC ads. You can get free Ethereum from a faucet in earn crypto. You can choose a cryptocurrency (stellar), click claim, and you will be rewarded immediately.


BtcAdv is one of the best ways to get free stellar (XLM) at present. This is not an ordinary faucet, it is more like a surfing bar. You can get free tokens by watching advertisements and completing offerwall, and then you can replace these tokens with stellar (XLM).

ES Faucet

Es faucet is a great free Stellar faucet, and many people are still looking for a free Stellar faucet. The free stellar hose is the best legal faucet to get free stellar. I like this Stellar faucet very much. Its interface is amazing, with no pop-up ads. You can earn more than one coin in addition to the above picture.

Idle Empire

Idle Empire offers a number of ways to get stellar for free. For example, you can earn Stellar in the process of playing games, completing surveys, clicking on advertisements, etc. The faucet also includes a variety of other cryptocurrencies. You can exchange the obtained coins into another cryptocurrency in a few seconds.


Bitpaye is a Stellar faucet that must be added. It is one of the best Stellar faucets I have encountered so far because of its advanced functions. Bitpaye has an amazing interface, no pop-up ads, and there are many ways to earn stellar. It allows claim Stellar every 30 minutes.


There are many ways to earn cryptocurrency on this Xcolander XLM faucet website, such as hundreds of interesting games, PTC advertisements, offerwall, surveys, lottery competitions, watching videos and so on. Xcolander provides a recommendation commission. Xcolander also offers up to 100% daily claim rewards. Xcolander is the best legal faucet.

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